My Favorite Creative Resources

Hey guys! I'm back with another post, and today, we're talking about inspiration and education

I threw together a list of the resources that I actually use on a daily basis for stay motivated and keep the hustle alive. This list covers my favorite books, YouTube channels, websites and blogs - long enough to provide substance, and short enough to be actionable.


More Brides - (eBook) 

Originals - Adam Grant 

Things Are What You Make Of Them - Adam Kurtz

Speaking of Originals... here it is!

Speaking of Originals... here it is!


Websites/Blogs - my #1 recommended site for photo business resources. There is so much to use here, it's amazing!!



Mango Street

Peter McKinnon

Sean Tucker

Casey Neistat (general inspiration)

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or new recommendations!