White Mountains  /  Bartlett, NH  /  July 8, 2018

As Lora and I drove north with a caravan of friends for Jon & Chelsi's wedding in the woods, I couldn't help but get choked up by what was unfolding around us. We had never seen such support for a couple before. Each and every person there played a special part in the day - making the wedding cake from scratch (what?!), doing Chelsi's make up and Jon's hair, brewing the dopest fresh coffee every morning, and playing music during the ceremony, to name a few examples. Each person brought what they had to the table in order to share it with everyone else, and ultimately, to celebrate Jon & Chelsi. That spirit of togetherness transcended the entire weekend, and it was beautiful to witness.

New Hampshire, as you might expect, was a gorgeous backdrop for the three days we spent there. We swam, hiked, grilled, hammocked, watched the World Cup (sorry, Brazil), and, in order from least to greatest, played a whole lot of Mario Kart, beer pong, and Spikeball. Oh, and Jon & Chelsi got married. That also happened, duh.

The weather was perfect on Sunday evening as Jon & Chelsi said "I do" on a small cliff surrounded by their closest family and friends. It was so intimate and thoughtful. This wasn't a production - it was a wedding. I kept my camera firmly pressed to my face as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Jon & Chelsi, thank you for trusting us with your wedding day, and thanks for being rad friends, too. You are loved!