Beverly, MA   //  June 10, 2018

Jon & Chelsi are some of the coolest people I know. We've become close friends over the past year, finding common ground in our long love of punk rock, good coffee, vegetarian meals, and an undying affinity for plants. I have the honor of photographing their wedding this July, where I'll take on the role of documentarian for a whole weekend in New Hampshire. Words cannot express just how excited I am to celebrate these two.

We wanted to prepare for the wedding with a fun shoot at their new apartment, and quickly settled into an comfortable rhythm. As the sun began to set, we grabbed some fishing rods and headed over to a nearby pond to wrap the night with golden light and mosquito bites. Pretty darn magical if you ask me.

Disclaimer: we didn't catch any fish, nor do I really know how to fish, nor did I even fish - because, ya know, photos.