Rebecca & Josh

In May of 2016, Josh and I embarked on a three month stint living in summer housing together. This was a program run through our college, and it was one of the best living situations I've had, save the lack of air conditioning and generally long, hot days. One afternoon, I sauntered back into our room to find Josh at his computer, working on preliminary wedding planning. We talked for a few minutes before he asked me if I would photograph their wedding.


An aspiring photographer with literally no wedding experience whatsoever?

Does he know what he's saying?

"Yes!" I declared, albeit with a hint of waver in my voice.

While I was nervous at first, I was determined to do a fitting job, one that captured the love that these two share. As a close friend, I had unique access to them, as there was already a strong base of trust between us. That trust enabled us to work well together and it permitted me to have a lot of creative freedom. It also allowed me to feel free to cry during the ceremony, which I not-so-subtly hid with my camera pulled up to my face. That's why I brought it in the first place, tbh.

Josh, Rebecca - it was an honor to document your wedding day. Thank you for trusting me with it.