Matthew & Erin

I was sitting in Citi Field beside my girlfriend, father, and grandfather when my phone buzzed. My friend Andrew had messaged me, asking if I could photograph his twin brother's upcoming engagement. I promptly responded with an enthusiastic y-e-s! and got down to planning. This particular engagement was a surprise, so I had to be sneaky when the time came.

In the next five days, I'd spend a total of 21 hours traveling home, down to PA for a wedding, back home, and then over to MA in time for the engagement. It was exhausting, to say the least, but those days were packed with time to reflect on why I'm so grateful to be a photographer.

The day of the engagement arrived and I was all too ready for it. It was a rainy day, but God reduced the deluge to a drizzle for what seemed to be the exact moments we needed better weather. I was tucked away on a bench in sight of the gazebo where Matthew planned to pop the question. My faithful Canon hidden underneath my rain jacket, I waited for the moment his knee touched the ground, and off went the silenced shutter.